Maximizing Job Opportunities: A Look at Resume Writing Apps

Resume Writing Apps

Resume writing apps can help you customize your resume for a job opportunity that you want. Some of these apps use AI to help you match your resume to a job posting.

Jobscan is one of those resume writing apps.

Cost of Jobscan is $49.95 per month

Who it’s suited for? If you don’t want to work on your resume, you can pay the cost of the app to automatically write your resume.

It can be risky to use Jobscan and other automated resume writing apps. Don’t let the app exaggerate your experience, or your capabilities. Hiring companies have tools and procedures to make sure you are truthful. They will be able to tell if AI was used to make your resume.

Other apps like Jobscan that you may want to check out

• Resume Maker
• Resume Check

As a recruiter and technologist for the past 15 years I recommend that your resume communicate “What I Can Do For You”, and not everything you have ever done.

If you feel rejected, ignored or frustrated in your job search, it’s important to stay positive and be selective in the jobs you apply for. Pick a job where you get a high score. Get scored for free at

Here is how it works at My Jobscore.You supply your resume, search jobs, and get scored automatically in a few seconds, for free.

An added free bonus from My Jobscore is proof of your awesomeness! a PDF download of your high score that you can send in when you apply.

Whether you choose a resume writing app like Jobscan, or a scoring tool like My Jobscore, good luck with your efforts!

Written by Frank Abrams

Frank is a serial entrepreneur, most recently working in AI based, data driven decision technologies for HR (front-end jobseeker scoring), and retail (in-store digital marketing at the point of decision).

Frank is the founder of Geescore

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