Have you been asked to do a video interview with a company like Jobvite or Hirevue as part of your job search?

Whether it’s a live zoom call, or recording your answers to questions, or even a video interview with an AI agent like Scotty, video can offer a lot of value to hiring companies.

◦   They see your expressions while answering the questions 
◦   They can imagine how you may be in an office setting, or in meetings
◦   They see your home office surroundings

and… What about you the jobseeker? Is a video job interview something to be worried about?

What information and tips do you need about video interviews like Hirevue, Jobvite or any face to face interview?

What should you be concerned about being in a job interview video seen on camera?

What can you do to increase your chances in a video interview?

Here are 5 tips from Jobvite for your video interview: link to these tips https://www.jobvite.com/blog/can-i-start-overand-5-other-things-not-to-do-during-your-video-interview/

◦   Don’t sit in a noisy area.
◦   Don’t sit in a dark room.
◦   Don’t avoid eye contact with the camera.
◦   Don’t ditch the practice time.
◦   Don’t fail to prepare.

LINK to top interview tips here https://geescore.com/job-interview-interview-preparation/

Even more interview tips from Hirevue https://www.hirevue.com/candidates/interview-tips

The video interview creates an opportunity for bias in hiring. Bias doesn’t help anyone. Maybe you look older than most people at the company, and too senior for the role? Maybe you look too young and inexperienced? Maybe you have an accent, or you are a visible minority? Maybe you are overweight, or very short or very tall.

You can’t change any of that, but you can spend time to prepare for a video interview, practice sharing your success stories, be professional, and weaken the impact of any bias or prejudice you could be facing.

link to success stories https://geescore.com/zenpeak-pages/

Don’t forget to check out the top interview tips here LINK https://geescore.com/job-interview-interview-preparation/

and…. If you want to see how you score for similar jobs, for free, check out myjobscore.com with instant jobseeker scoring

Written by Frank Abrams

Frank is a serial entrepreneur, most recently working in AI based, data driven decision technologies for HR (front-end jobseeker scoring), and retail (in-store digital marketing at the point of decision).

Frank is the founder of Geescore

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